Friday, August 7, 2009

When all else pizza?

I wish I could say this was the dumbest thing I've ever done, but it's fact, those that know me probably won't be the least bit surprised to read about this...

I've been bugging my husband to purchase some super glue and fix the many toys laying around our house that have been broken. I know they aren't expensive toys but the kids love them so I figured they worth salvaging. I decided to play hero and do it myself. I bought the glue no problem. Then I superglued my fingers together. I am still not sure how, but I did. The back of the bottle said to rub oil on it and it would come apart. My fingers came apart, but it left the glue on my fingers and it felt terrible. It was driving me nuts...and that's when I made an amazing discovery. Nothing would take the glue off, until I had pizza for dinner. As I was eating my extremely greasy pizza I noticed that my fingers were feeling better. By the time I finished eating, the glue was completely off. Who knew that pizza grease would remove superglue??? Now, I wonder if I can bottle it and sell it as a remover? Hmmm.....


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