Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Behavior & Chore Charts Review

With three young kids home all day long it seems my house quite often ends up in chaos...or maybe I should say that on few rare occasions my house seems orderly, (that's probably a more accurate statement.) One of my favorite things that has worked is to make chore charts for everybody. I've bought a few different kinds of charts (magnetic, hang tag) but have never been thrilled with them because I wasn't able to customize them as much as I wanted. So I made up my own in Publisher. And I spent HOURS....

Now a year later I find out about!!! It is a completely free website that allows you to create and customize your own chore charts (they also make behavior charts if you are working on manners  or attitudes :) They have a number of templates to choose from for either boys or birls and it automatically puts this week's dates on it. And each item has a picture that goes with it-and if they don't have a tile with the chore you want, you can create your own. Then you can print it out or leave it on your computer and put up virtual stickers for your progress. This would have saved me so much time if I had this program when I was doing this a year ago. (Of course then I wouldn't have perfected my Publisher skills-ha ha).

I was specifically asked to review the chore and behavior charts , but I can't leave out the Goal Setting chart. I loved this one. It lets me print weekly goals for myself in some beautiful templates. They have some for health goals (like drinking enough water, eating fruit, etc) and one for household chores. I was always against writing out daily chores for myself but now for some reason I love "checking off" things when I do them. That way at the end of the day when I get discouraged and think I've done nothing I can look at my checkmarks and see...yes, I really did clean the living room even though it doesn't look like it now!!!

Anywho....I found to be a wonderful resource for everyone. And if you have kids, you have to use check out the chore charts and the behavior charts. All of the charts are customizable and very easy to create and personalize. What's's free! 

This was a paid review, however the opinions expressed above are 100% mine!


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