Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great science experiment for kids

Recently I was inspired by a fellow homeschool mom who does the coolest science experiments ever with her kids. I'm really not good at science, but she makes everything so fun even I think science is easy to learn this way.

Anyway, we did an egg experiment that was super fun today. You take a hardboiled egg and a glass or plastic jar that has an opening just smaller than the egg. Put the bottle in hot water for five minutes and then quickly put it in a bowl of ice water. Place the egg on top of the bottle and watch it slowly suck the egg in, whole. It is so cool to watch. And then to get the egg out, you simply blow hard into the bottle with your mouth around the opening. Make sure you don't point it at your kids because when you stop blowing and point it, the egg will come flying out.

We had so much fun doing this experiment today. We did have to do it twice because the first time I used too small of a bottle and it litterally sucked it in piece by piece, destroying the egg. Here's the scientific explanation behind it from the kids National Geographic website:

Hot air expands. Cold air contracts. When the air inside the bottle is heated, the molecules, or tiny air particles, inside the bottle spread out, increasing air pressure. As the air in the bottle cools, the air pressure decreases. The greater outside air pressure pushes the egg into the bottle. Blowing into the bottle raises the air pressure again. The air and the egg rush out of the bottle.

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