Friday, September 11, 2009

How to save money on clothes & Gap outlet coupon!

Saving money on kids clothes under 5...

I have to admit that both of my children's closets are overflowing with clothes. I love shopping for clothes for them, but I never pay full price for anything. I'm always looking for a great bargain but still keeping them stylish. I have a couple of ways that I use to save money on clothes:
-At the end of every season I shop the clearance rack for approximately two sizes larger than my children currently are. I can usually score things 70-90% off and then put them away for my children. The trick is trying to guess what their size will be then. Most of them time I've been right on, but the few outfits that I have estimated wrong on, I simply sold on ebay. And because I had gotten them so cheap I have always made my money back, sometimes I have even made money!!
-I always combine coupons with current sales. For instance if I am a card holder or they are having a special sale where you get an additional $10 off $50 or something similar then I shop. Because when you combine that with the already existing sales of 50-75% off, you do much better.

Every time we go shopping, my daughter who is four picks up clothing and asks if she can buy it. If it isn't on sale, we don't even consider it. So, now she is in the habit that when she picks up a piece of clothing she asks the sales attendent if it is "on sale." We're passing on the frugal habits already!!!

One store that I have consistently found some good bargains at is Gap Outlet. They seem to be able to keep up with the current stylish and yet be affordable. They also have a pretty good clearance rack if you can manage to hit it at the right time. Right now they are having their Gap Outlet Semi-Annual Baby Sale for newborns to 5 year olds taking place September 11-24, 2009.They have offered all of my readers a special 10% off discount. Unfortunately it doesn't work with clearance items, but you still should be able to combine it with current sales to get a great deal.

Go ahead and start shopping and tell me about all of the deals you get!
Thanks to Twitter Moms for the opportunity to share this discount with you!

Gap Outlet - Semi-Annual Baby Sale

TwitterMoms Exclusive: Gap Outlet Semi-Annual Baby Sale Savings!


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