Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Showcase Review

MomSelect gave me the opportunity to check out some new products to get some Holiday gift ideas. If you are like me, and still looking for a few more last minute items, here's some ideas that are definitely worth checking out.

The Holiday Showcase consisted of:

NEW Small Frys from Build-a-Bear Workshop

Christmas Cakes from Little Debbie
Sneaky 3D Puzzles from Patch Products
Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory
Play-Doh Shape and Spin Elmo
Playmobil Child's First Day at School kit
Smart Mom Solutions

My favorite, and one that I will be purchasing to give as a gift was the Sneaky 3D puzzle from Patch Products. What an awesome idea! I had never seen this before and thought it was a unique twist on puzzles. My kids love puzzles and this one will for sure be a big hit.

Second on the list---the Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory. Kids will love it, parents will hate it because it is BIG and sure to be a mess. But so long as you keep the mess outside, this is a great toy. My kids will play with it for hours at a time!

Thanks to MomSelect for the such a great opportunity to preview these products.


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