Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To do list #5-Christmas Cards!

I just love Christmas time, but lately it's been feeling like a season of to-do lists. I just can't seem to stay on top of it all. . I've got such great intentions, but struggling with how to find time to do it all. Am I alone on this one? time to sit and think, onto the next item on my to-do list. CHRISTMAS CARDS. And don't start calling me a procrastinator because the cards still aren't made...I've already called myself that! I've had the cards designed in my mind for weeks, but I wanted to get new pictures of the kids taken in their Christmas outfits. But I give up, I'll be doing making the cards with some pictures I took a few weeks ago. So, now to actually designing the card. I am turning to good old, trusted Shutterfly to purchase my holiday card this year.  I know I want a folded Christmas card (they have flat ones too!). Here are my top two choices:

I like this one if I just go with one family picture:
I like this one if I do multiple pictures:

So, I'm almost there...just a little more designing and VOILA! One more thing off my Christmas to-do list. Shutterfly really makes the process easy. I  can customize the pictures and have beautiful professional looking cards...still in time for the holidays (If I can finish them tonight!!)

I'm starting to get really ambitious here...I might even go ahead and work on that photo calendar I've been planning on making FOR MONTHS. Shutterfly has a beautiful customizable photo calendar. It makes such a wonderful present for grandparents...who wouldn't want pics of their grandkids for every month of the year :) Which, speaking of presents, if you are procrastinating, like me, on any other presents, Shutterfly has so many other photo gifts for that hard to buy person on your list. I love the mouse pad...I've gotten this in the past and been really pleased with it.

How are you doing with your Christmas to-do list???


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