Sunday, April 26, 2009


As I talked about before and most of you know, Walgreens is no longer doing their Easy Saver Rebate program. Instead they are increasing their Register Rewards program. I have had so many problems with the register rewards program in the past with things not printing, having to make sure you follow all of the fine print (i.e. # of coupons have to be equal to # of items) and rolling Register Rewards not working right. With all of the problems and conflicting info I have received from store managers I will be taking the week to talk to corporate and get an official letter explaining rolling RR and proper uses which I hope to share with you next week. I'll also test out a few deals and hope to be back in full force next week!!!

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  1. I agree. Register Rewards (RR) is a very annoying program.... but if they print right, it is a great way to get a ton of stuff free!

    Btw Safway and Wags, I feel like I'm constantly on the phone with Catalina Marketing because something didn't print that should have.

    For Walgreens, I've learned that you cannot use a RR from a particular manufacturer to pay for a transaction in which you want a RR from the same manufacturer to print. So you need to keep track of which RR were for what.

    Now if that wasn't complicated enough, I've had a cashier tell me I can only use one RR per transaction to purchase items. I know this is BS... but she stood firm... so I had her break up my transaction into many small transactions. I think it's so stupid that she wanted to waste both of our time doing this rather than letting me pay how I wanted too.

    Anyway, I really like this site for Wags deals: