Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yeah for fellow couponers

Today I was shopping the Doubles at Kmart (Woo Hoo, My total was $54 before coupons, $2 after!!). I ran into a couple of other people who had coupons out and were obviously doing the same thing. But I ran into one person who looked like she really knew what she was doing. I had to stop her and compare deals with her. We talked for over 20 minutes and in the end she gave me some coupons and told me about some deals I never knew were out there. It made my day and was great to meet another person and hear what sites she used and how she finds herdeals. She gave me the name of a few sites I am going to check out and if they work out I will share them with you later this week!


  1. Woah! how did you get $52 worth of coupons off $54?? Normally, you only get a a dollar or two of items.
    And, what is the doubles??

    lol, I guess I don't really know about coupons, but it sounds like it saves you a lot of money!

  2. Doubles is when Kmart doubles your coupons, up to $2 (they will not double anything over $2 at all). Not all K-marts are participating you have to call yours to find out if it is. To give you an example of some of the things I got today:
    1. Kraft dressing was $2.69 I had a coupon for $1.50. They doubled the coupon to $3.00 but then adjusted it down to $2.69 as you can not get more money off than you spend.
    2. Secret deoderant was $2.23 I had a $1.00 off coupon. They doubled it to $2.00 and I paid $.23
    3. Adidas deoderant was marked down to $1.89. I had a $1.00 off coupon which they doubled and then adjusted down to $1.89 so it was free.
    4. I purchased a Ziploc vaccuum seal bag for $4.00. I had a $2.00 coupon which they doubled to $4 so it was free.
    And on and on...
    Does this information help? It takes a while to get the coupons together and then it takes a long time in the store but it can definitely be worth it!

  3. Oh wow! I am really interested in this sight.

  4. You're shoppin' like me now, lol. I saw awhile back you'd posted something for spending $50 at K... I was wondering how or why anyone would ever spend more than a couple bucks at K!?!

    Anyway, I am bummed that none of the stores in MD or DE are participating in the double coupon event this month. :( Hopefully next month!

  5. No stores in MD? sounds like you need to come to FL!! I actually did the spend $50 at Kmart thing cause I needed a second car seat for my mom's car and got one of the cheaper ones for $49.00 (added a pack of candy in there) and then submitted for the $25.00 back. Not bad for a car seat :)