Monday, May 18, 2009

Make your own cards!

A week ago, I attended the Mothers Day banquet at my church and we had someone come in and teach us how to make homemade cards. We all had so much fun making them (even my 4 year old daughter was able to make one) and what I loved was the fact that they could be as simple or as elaborate as I wanted. I had tried scrapbooking and bought all of the tools so I could do it, but time has just gotten away and I've given up on ever doing all of my pictures in scrapbooks. So, I was super excited when I realized that I could use a lot of those pens and markers and circle cutting tools for something much more practical for me and the amount of time I have. And with the cost of cards these days(I know, we are frugal girls, we'd never spend full price on a card) it could actually save me money!!

Lisa Reber is the Stampin' Up demonstrator who came and led our card making, and she was just awesome! She had some of the neatest samples of things that she had done, and she was so patient in explaining everything! I just had to share her site with you so that you can see some of the things she has done. She has the coolest recipe stand I've ever seen that you can put on your counter with your favorite recipes, and what is so awesome is that you design each of the recipe pages. I just love it!!!

Look around her site and be inspired as I was!!! I will be making some cards in the next few weeks and will share them with you :)

Her blog-Gulf Coast Stamper-get to know her personally and get new ideas
Her Stampin' It Up Site - has a wide variety of projects!


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