Sunday, September 19, 2010

Barbie "A Fashion Fairytale" Review

The new movie, Barbie "A Fashion Fairytale" just hit the stores this September 14th and I had an opportunity to watch it and share my thoughts with you, so....

Really, growing up I was never a fan of Barbie. I'm not sure why, it just wasn't something that I never got into, and it's not something I've ever bought for my daughter. So, when I was sent this movie to review it was my daughter's first introduction to Barbie. It is an understatement to say that she really, really liked this Barbie movie.

The story is pretty simple. Barbie gets fired from her job and thinks Ken (oh, Ken!) broke up with her. So, devestated, she takes off for Paris to visit her aunt at her design house. The movie is mostly about Barbie's adventures in trying to help her aunt save her fashion design house.  It is a cute movie and there was nothing in it that I had any problems letting my 5 year old watch.

If you have a daughter or family member who is a fan of Barbie I would think they would really enjoy this new movie! It was well done and most important to me, family friendly! The overall theme for kids was to "be true to yourself" which is always a positive message.

P.s. They are coming out with a line of accompanying toys for the movie & there are fashion games related to the movie at

I received a Barbie "A Fashion Fairytale" DVD from MomSelect and Barbie to the facilitate this review.


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