Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zazzle - $25 for $50 Groupon Deal (cheap stamps!)-TODAY ONLY

Groupon is having a great deal at Zazzle. $25 for $50 worth of Zazzle Customized.

To get the deal,

  1. Visit Groupon
  2. Look under "Seattle"
  3. Find it under the side deal
  4. Click on "buy"
  5. Print out voucher!!
Here's some ideas:
The customized postage stamps are 20 small ones per sheet, so:

-buy 3 small sheets (for a total of 60 stamps)
-Total is appx. $54 + $3 shipping = $57.00
-Use your $50 Groupon Voucher, new total = $7.00

Your cost will be the $25 Groupon voucher + $7.00 at Zazzle for a total of $32.00 for 60 stamps. (each stamp will cost appx. $.53)
This would be great to mail out Christmas letters with or for a wedding, or birth announcement...or an awesome Christmas present for someone with a new baby!

How about a personalized apron? Prices start at $15.95
How about a personalized frosty beer mug? Prices start at $22.10
Remember, with the voucher if you buy $50 worth of stuff (for $25), you basically are getting everything for 50% off!

If you are not already a groupon member (it's free) sign up here!


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