Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fisher Price EZ Bundle 4 in 1 Review!

Space and money are two things we always seem to be short of in my house. It seems as if there is never enough of either one. And now with a newborn in the house again the house is really over run with all of the baby stuff! So when I heard about the Fisher Price EZ Bundle 4 in 1, designed to save both space and money, I was intrigued and ready to take on the challenge to see if it really did. Here's what I found:
What it is:
The EZ Bundle 4 in 1 comes with one seat that can be manipulated around to make up an infant seat, an infant swing, a toddler seat or a high chair. The infant seat and infant swing go up to 25 pounds; the toddler seat and high chair go up to 50 pounds. It is designed to save money because it is essentially all of these things and yet, for the cost of one of them (it retails for $149).

My experience:

I was a little overwhelmed by all of the pieces when I first opened up the box. But to be fair, I am NEVER the one to assemble the kids' toys. My husband always does it for me. For some reason, reading the directions always seems difficult to me and a bit like reading greek. But I wanted to do it all myself to see how difficult this was. Once I actually started reading the directions I found that it was quite simple to put together. I was able to put it together in under 20 minutes without any major frustrations and with only one screw driver and 4 C batteries!! Not too bad for me, so I would definitely give it an "A" for easy assembly!

When I actually used the product I found the chair itself (which is moved into each of the 4 functions) is extremely comfortable for the baby and I loved the pattern. It was very cute and the fact that it is stain resistant makes it very practical as well.

I was impressed with all 4 of the functions. The highchair was my favorite because it was seamless. Other highchairs I have used have been difficult to clean because of all of the crevices that food gets stuck in. This one will be much easier to clean!

The infant swing was probably my daughter's favorite (look at that smile!) It has 6 different speeds and runs off of C batteries. My only complaint is that it could use a toy or two on it. It does come with one rattle-type toy on the chair though.

As far as converting it into the different functions, I found that it was very simple to move it from the infant seat to the swing; but a little difficult to move to the high chair because you had to actually take the legs off of the swing to put them into the high chair. I think it would be a hassle to have to switch it from the infant swing to the high chair on a daily basis.

Based on that fact, I think this is an ideal product for a grandma's house where you want all of these things for your little one without having to spend a fortune and you aren't switching it around multiple times a day everyday. It is also ideal if you are using it in stages with one function at a time, such as using it as a swing and seat from 0-6 months and then just as a toddler seat and highchair as they are older.

The concept is so simple and I think Fisher Price really hit the mark here. It can save a lot of money as each one of these items usually cost at least $100 and here you are getting four pieces for $149.

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Disclosure: I received a EZ 4 in 1 Bundle to facilitate this review. All opinions presented here are 100% mine.


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