Friday, June 5, 2009

Are you safe?

Last night I attended a Safety Seminar at my church. Some of the information they gave was new and very helpful and some the information I already knew about but it was really good to be reminded of. I thought I'd share a few of them with you:
1. Always be alert & aware - Criminals prey on targets who aren't paying attention to what is around them, people who are walking through parking lots talking on the cell phone, overloaded with shopping bags and oblivious to everything around them.
2. Keep hedges trimmed around your windows - Shrubs are a great hiding place for criminals who are trying to break in without being noticed from the street
3. Teach your children to throw a tantrum-Yep, you heard me right...teach them that if someone ever tries to take them they should throw a huge tantrum, and (here's the key) scream loudly "you aren't my mommy (or daddy)". Those words are critical because it will alert everyone around them to the fact that something is really wrong.
4.Lock the interior garage door at night. If someone breaks into your car & uses the garage remote they won't have access to inside your house.
5. Never park near vans, especially not work vans without any windows-it is a great hiding place for someone waiting to attack.

These tips aren't meant to scare or make you paranoid, rather to help you be prepared and vigilant. I pray nothing ever happens to me, my family, you or yours, but the reality is that these things do happen. I know that ultimately my safety and that of my family rests in the hands of our Sovereign Lord, but I will do my part to be prepared & do my part!


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