Sunday, June 21, 2009

Frecklebox Review - Unique Personalized Gifts

I've had my last "oh no, another birthday party, what am I going to get" moment ever. I've had this moment of panic on 3 separate occasions this month as my daughter has just gotten to the age where all of her friends are having big birthday parties! Seriously, I know I'm not the the only one who struggles so hard to come up with a present for a child who, often times, I don't know very well. And I certainly don't know what toys they already have. So, when I came across Frecklebox I was so excited. Finally, a company that has unique, personalized items for kids that are affordable. Now, as long as I remember to order them as soon as I get the birthday invitations, I will have a present that I know they will like and won't already have. And it won't break the bank!

I received the personalized horse puzzle for my daughter and she absolutely loved it! It was 20 pieces and just easy enough that she could do it buy herself; but hard enough that it took her a little while to do it. She was so excited that it had her name written up in the clouds. Frecklebox offers 15 different personalized puzzles to choose from.

My son also received the "Hiphop Howie and his Pal" personalized book and it is now his favorite book. He is still too young to know how to spell his name, but as he keeps reading it (over and over and over again) he is starting to recognize his name. I love the fact that his name appears on every single page and there is also a really cute storyline. There are eight different personalized books you can choose from and you can get either a soft bound or hard bound, depending on your budget.

Frecklebox has a lot of other personalized gifts as well, so you can pretty much find something for anyone or any occasion. The have personalized party favors, personalized coloring books, personalized placemats, personalized stickers, personalized growth charts, and personalized lunch boxes! Make sure you go check it out!

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